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fall 2020 fashion trends

5 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends I’m Loving!

So I’m super sad I’m not really able to wear some of these trends how I would like to. Being this pregnant (7 months) just does not give me the option to pull the off lol. I’m sure I could make it work somehow but these days I’m not going to be looking all chic. […]

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What I’m Wearing: My Gold Jewelry!

Hi y’all! I’ve gotten a ton of questions of the jewelry I’ve been stuntin’ lately so I figured a blog post was in order! I plan to add more arm and neck candy but this is what I got so far. I’ve been obsessed with dainty jewelry for years now and I just barely started […]

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Slouchy Jeans

Missguided Bodysuit Slouchy Jeans

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