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i don't subscribe to mom guilt

I Don’t Subscribe To Mom Guilt

MOM GUILT… Now let me start off by just saying that this is all my opinion. Not everyone will see it my way or some might get offended by what I say. Totally fine everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, for me, the feeling is ridiculous. The reasons that lead to it are stupid. […]

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fall 2020 fashion trends

5 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends I’m Loving!

So I’m super sad I’m not really able to wear some of these trends how I would like to. Being this pregnant (7 months) just does not give me the option to pull the off lol. I’m sure I could make it work somehow but these days I’m not going to be looking all chic. […]

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Current Pregnancy Favorites

I’m half way through this pregnancy and man.. lol I’m definitely feeling it. I know there are other soon-to-be mamas out there so I’m sharing my current preggie favs! The constant hip-popping, back pain, and just feeling overall like a whale definitely isn’t a fun time. So I’ve found some new things (and things from […]

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Oversized Striped Shirt + Denim Shorts

I am a jeans type of gal through and through. So now that preggers when I find a great pair of denim I get a pep in my step lol. I can NOT even begin to express how freakin’ excited I was when I got these shorts in the mail! Affordable and cute? TAKE MY […]

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