Valentine’s Day Throwbacks! Happy Love Day!



Today is the day of LOVEEE! In honor of this special day I want to share some of my favorite Valentine’s Day throwbacks!
Mine and Blake’s first V-Day together is for sure one of my favorites. Before him I had never been treated with flowers and gifts. Not that it’s about receiving gifts, but just the fact he thought to get me something. I remember coming home and Blake calling me asking me if I was home. Little did I know he was checking to see if I got anything. I hadn’t gotten anything so it was odd to me for him to be asking me questions lol. Finally later that night there was a knock at my door and I open it find woman holding a big bouquet of flowers with heart shaped cookies and teddy bear! I couldn’t stop smiling. it was already late so Blake was not with me but I was so happy that he thought of me and spent his money to get me something!

That was 2011, we were just a month into our relationship 🙂 I know i had a picture of the arrangement I got but I can’t find it anywhere! It was so long ago lol. Just try to imagine it. It was really sweet and cute!


Fast forward to 2014, our first Valentine’s Day with our baby boy! I was so excited we would be spending it with him! I went out and bought them matching outfits because what is cuter than daddy and son outfits!?! Even better because Brysen is Blake’s mini-me lol. I couldn’t wait to see them dressed the same. When I got to Blake’s house he and Brysen handed me a bouquet of roses. My baby boy was smiling so big and excited to give me my gift. They gave me hugs and kisses and I felt like I was walking on cloud nine. Brysen and I gave his daddy our picture we made. Had some fun with paint! We went out for dinner afterwards and had a great time. My sweet boys made my day! Definitely one of my top throwbacks!!

My little love!

Feb 14th, 2014! Look at my them! Melts my heart!!

My forever Valentines!


Last year, 2016, was definitely another fav! We kept it more casual and fun this time around. Blake took Brysen and I out mini-golfing! We hadn’t been in forever and it was a beautiful day out so mini-golfing it was. Brysen had a good time! Blake is a pro at golf so we were trying to beat him. Lol it didn’t happen but we tried. Blake has been teaching us golf so we were better at it this time around.

After we decided to go to Sky Zone. Blake had won some free time there from a dodgeball competition he played so we thought why not? Its a huge indoor trampoline park and really what kid doesn’t love trampolines?! We jumped around on the trampolines and then went to a part of the park that you can jump into a foam pit. Spent a good bit there lol. We were doing flips into the pit and Brysen even did one! Sooooo much fun. If you have kids on this special day these are some fun ways to spend it.

Sky Zone Throwbacks

Sky Zone with my boys! Feb 14th, 2016

Mini Golfing! Me and Bubs


Not sure what the plans are for today, but I know it will be a good day no matter what. Brysen has a Valentine’s Day party at school and I’m excited to see all the cards he brings home!

Today is the day to show a little extra love to those special people in our lives! How will you be spending the day? Kids, no kids? Staying in, going out?

Hope you enjoyed some of my favorite throwbacks from this special day! Comment below your plans! I want to get to know everyone!

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