Morphe Brushes Copper Spice & Bronzed Mocha Palettes


Morphe Brushes Copper Spice & Bronzed Mocha Palettes!

YEEEEEEEEEEE! Lol I am so excited to tell you beauties about these palettes! They finally made their way to my door last week and I could not wait to play with them!!

So right off the bat I LOVE the packaging of these palettes! When I saw pictures of them on morphe’s Insta I got so excited. Unlike their other palettes, which are matte black packaging, these have a clear plastic top! I love this idea! Being able to see the colors just makes my soul happy. Z palettes are my favorite because they have a see-through top, so I’m SUPER happy Morphe incorporated that in these palettes. I can see one down side to this: scratches will easily show… Not that big a deal to me because I handle my palettes with love lol.

Bronzed Mocha Palette on the Right & Copper Spice Palette on the Left

If you missed the bold title above these palettes are called the Copper Spice & Bronzed Mocha Palettes (or 25A and 25B), they are limited edition. Each palette has 25 eyeshadows in it. They retail for $17.99 each or a bundle for $33.98! I got the bundle because I thought it was a good deal. These are out of stock right now but because everyone loved them so much and many didn’t get a chance to get them, Morphe is restocking them! They haven’t mentioned when they’ll be restocking the palettes so just keep an eye out on their Instagram or website!

I went ahead and swatched some of the eyeshadows for you guys! The swatches are both shimmer and matte shades from both palettes! The pigmentation of them is insane!! The shadows are so easy to blend out too. Very butter-y and smooth when you apply it! Morphe Brushes always create great quality palettes with such beautiful pigmentation. That plus the price? Can’t beat that!

These are amazing palettes and the colors are right up my alley. They are perfect for every day looks to dramatic glam looks! You can create so many looks with these palettes its crazy. I know these will be perfect for traveling! Even if you only take one or the other, they cover all the essentials for any eye look. From transition shades to dark shades for smokey eyes, it has everything you need!

I created this look using both palettes! I love half cut creases lately so I knew I wanted to try it out using some of the golds and chocolate-y shades! Still so amazed by how pigmented these palettes are. I don’t know why though, Morphe Brushes never disappoints!

I don’t know when they will restock these beauties but when they do I’ll make sure to let you all know on Instagram! So if you’re not following me then hop over to Instagram and follow me at @styledbyirene!

For those who did grab these when they went on sale let me know how you like them! Show me some looks you’ve created using them! Comment your IG username or leave a picture of your makeup look below!

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