Life With Me + My Boys


Soooo I’ve been under the weather the past week and a half. FINALLY feeling better!

I wanted to share what a typical day is like for me and the boys. I haven’t talked about them much so I figured why not give you guys an idea of what our life is like most days!

What is going on in our life just depends on what day you catch us on. For the most part it’s pretty simple lol.

On a Monday night you can catch us out on the T-Ball field! The season started back up so we are out on the field coaching Brysen and our other littles. Practice makes perfect! We are so excited for our team and we can’t wait to see how much they grow this season. T-Ball is a whole post on it’s on so I’ll talk about that more another day!

Other days I will pick up Brysen from school and go home. Once we are home we like to just chill out for a bit. Maybe watch some cartoons. I might be doing some homework and Brysen might be just playing with his toys beside me. If he has homework we will work on that until he finishes. Some days Blake is off early from work and he will join us, others we wait for him to come home.

Brysen and Blake get in their moods sometimes… And by moods I mean they get obnoxious, loud, nonstop laughter, screaming, etc etc etc lol. They will wrestle until one of them gets hurt. That one is always Brysen lol. I just sit there waiting for it. No point in trying to stop it because Blake doesn’t listen anyways. Typical boys!

On our weekends we most likely are at home. We are home bodies. Unless we plan something we will be chilling at home. Sometimes I have to work so the boys will be home playing around. Sometimes Blake has to work and Brysen and I will find something to do. So exciting I know lol. Football season Brysen had games on Saturdays so we’d be in the bleachers cheering him on. Soccer season is about to end but our past Sundays have been spent at the soccer field. You’ll hear Blake coaching Brysen telling him what to do. He’s pretty loud lol. I tell him he should’ve been a coach but there’s always next year!

We will take Brysen out to a movie he wants to see or go to Chuck E Cheese to have some fun. It all depends on what our mood is. Brysen likes being at home most of the time. We have our lazy days where we will sleep in. I can’t ever really sleep in, Blake and Brysen howeverrrr can sleep for days. You’d think they’d stay up all night lol.

We have our busy days filled with practices, school, work, game days. But we have our quiet, lazy days where we just enjoy being with each other.

So that’s kind of how our life goes these days! Not glamorous at all but we are happy. We make memories each day. Not much else we could ask for!


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