Kylie Cosmetics Blushes: Hit or Miss?


Kylie Cosmetics Blushes

Blushes from left to right: Hopeless Romantic, Hot and Bothered, Virginity, Barely Legal, and X Rated

I’ve had these blushes for a while and I’ve hardly dipped into them lol. I finally started playing around with them the past few weeks and feel like I have a pretty good feel for them!


The packaging is similar to the Kylighters and the eyeshadow palettes. It’s like a matte cardboard packaging with her logo in glossy letters. The color of the packaging matches the color of the blush which is to be expected since all products have that concept. I like the packaging, it’s simple and straight forward. It’s not the best by any means, but I feel like we are really just paying for the product unlike higher end brands where the packaging is insanely beautiful but its expensive.

Blush Quality:

These blushes are so smooth and buttery! They are pigmented but not TOO pigmented if you know what I mean? Overly pigmented blushes are so easy to add too much but hard to take it away. I love blushes that are build-able. You can slowly add as much as you want to get the intensity you want without overdoing it! They’re completely matte too which is another bonus. I’m oily around my cheeks and I don’t need any added shine or sheen to them lol. All 5 colors are beautiful, from the red-orange shade (Hopeless romantic) to the peachy-nude shade (X Rated). I think the range of shades can suit girls from fair skin tone to deep skin tone!

Price Point:

I think the price for them are pretty spot on. It’s not drugstore pricing, but its not high end pricing either. They retail for $20 and I think you get a good amount of product for that value. In higher end brands like Yves Saint Laurent or Dior, a lot of what your money goes to the extravagant packaging the products. It’s beautiful and all but I’m more concerned with the actual product I’ll be using on my face lol.

I love these blushes. X Rated and Barely Legal are at the top for sure. Peachy and pinky tones are right up my alley and I feel they compliment me the most and go with so many different looks! Definitely IRENE-Approved! If you haven’t tried them already, definitely go and pick one up. These blushes live up to the hype!

If you have tried these out please comment below! I’d like to know how they worked for other girls especially with different skin tones! Other girls could benefit from your experience with it!

She does offer a bundle of all 5 blushes and you can buy them here!

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  • Gaby
    May 31, 2017

    Im with you on not minding a blush that isnt too pigmented. It always bewilders me when, for example, youtubers over-praise a blush that is super pigmented… i feel like you wouldnt want that specific quality in a blush.. ya know? Lol

    • Irene
      June 3, 2017

      Exactly! Then you would have to be so careful to pick it up on your brush and make sure its not too much. Or then you’d have to tap off some of the product which just wastes it! So these blushes are a hit for me for that reason! They look healthy on the skin and not just powdery or cakey!

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