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I’m a little late on this collection thanks to an eye infection but not I’m good to go! I absolutely love Karen AKA Iluvsarahii on IG. She’s a mexican beauty influencer that I have been following for years. Her looks inspire me so much, from her makeup posts to her fashion outfits. I’m so happy she collaborated with one of my favorite brands and created this collection! Everything she created represents her personality and her image on IG. ColourPop is so affordable and high quality that everyone can enjoy whether on a budget or not.

The packaging of the collection is STUNNING! I love the gold snake skin print on the packages. It is so chic and classy just like Karen! The collection consists of 3 lippies: a glossy lip, satin lip, and a matte lip. Finally, each of these lippies comes a matching lip liner. The 3 sets are the 951 satin lip set, the curvii glossy set, and the mamacita matte set!

From Top to Bottom:

-951 Lip Liner, 951 Ultra Satin lip

-Curvii Lip Liner, Curvii Ultra Glossy lip

-Mamacita Lip Liner, Mamacita Ultra Matte Lip

As you can see they are all very pigmented and opaque! The satin wears so comfortably on the lips and it is a beautiful deeper nude shade that compliments so many different looks!

Curvii comes a nude lip liner that is darker than the gloss which is something I really love! If the gloss is too light on some complexions, using the nude lip liner will help so that it doesn’t wash out your face.

Then there is Mamacita, a perfect vampy lip that Karen always seems to wear in makeup looks! This lippie is not coming off for anything, it will last you all day even after eating. The lip liner is a bit more purple than the actual matte lippie so with it the berry, wine colored lippie will look more deep and vampy while alone or with a different lipstick it can look more red and berry toned! Each of these lippies are amazing!


From top to bottom:

Chic-y Palette





$aucey Palette

-Heavy Glam

-Chic Happens



The eyeshadows palettes are also right on par just like the lip products. They are super buttery, creamy, and most of all super blendable! The matte and metallic shades she created are super pigmented! You don’t even have to spray your brush first to get that foiled look. I’m super impressed with the formula of them all. The Chic-y palette has 4 shades that I think are great for every day basic eyeshadow looks! These shades are perfect for beginners to work with. The $aucey palette is definitely more on the glamorous side. It has mauve and purple tones that look stunning on the eyes. You can create a dramatic look or a soft glam look. With both palettes the looks you can create are endless. So many people have created unique looks with her collection!


This is a look I created using the Chic-y palette! A soft day time look perfect for school, work, or just going to the grocery store 😉 I’m wearing 951 on my lips to and I think it compliments the eyes so well.

Below is a link to my Instagram where I have a mini tutorial on this eye makeup!

So I’m giving away all 3 lippies to a lucky person! You will get the Ultra Matte Lip “Mamacita”, Ultra Satin Lip “951”, and the Ultra Glossy Lip “Curvii”

Rules to enter the giveaway:

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  2. Follow Me on IG (link is above)
  3. Comment your favorite lip color below!
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  • Cristina
    June 19, 2017


  • Megan T.
    June 20, 2017

    Out of this collection I love Mamacita! It’s a gorgeous collection and Colourpop definitely did it again!

    June 20, 2017

    951 looks so beautiful

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