Hair Transformation! From Long To Short!


Ever since Desi Perkins, Iluvsarahii (Karen), LustreLux (Katy), and all these beautiful beauty influencers cut their hair I’ve wanted to cut my own. I fell in love with the style and how effortless it looked. I’ve had long hair my whole life. I love long hair. Always loved mine. When I saw Desi’s short hair cut last year, I was done! Lol. The texture, messiness, simplicity of their cuts just pulled me in. I don’t know how long I debated with myself on cutting my hair. The love for my long hair is real y’all. But I finally did it! Woohooo!! So below I’m going to show you how I went from long to short. I didn’t really take great detailed pictures just selfies but they show the length and that’s what matters lol.

So this is a snapchat selfie I found with my long hair. It was about 1-2inches from my belly button. Pretty long!

In these pictures I my hair is about 4-5inches shorter than my long hair in the first picture. It wasn’t too bad of a change! First one is of it completely straight so you can see it’s actual length.

Ta-daaa! Two inches shorter than my medium length hair in the pictures above!

The whole reason I wanted to cut my hair was because I was tired of my long hair. I didn’t style it anymore, barely ran a brush through it, and I was just freakin’ bored of it. I wanted the hair that Desi and Karen had but I was not about to cut it all off in one go lol. Nope couldn’t do it. So many people regret it when they chop their hair off. I was NOT about to be one of them lol.


For weeks and weeks when I was deciding whether to cut it or not I looked at so many pictures on IG and Pinterest. Looking to see the different face shapes that had this cut. While I loved the cut I wanted to make sure it would look ok with the shape of my face lol. Some hair cuts will never look great if it doesn’t work with your face shape.

Tip: If you are looking into cut your hair first make sure it flatters your face shape! 

My sisters are hair stylists so now that I was ready it was game time. I told my sister I wanted it wispy on the ends. Not really any layers just wispy and textured! To test the waters I only cut off a few inches. Better safe than sorry lol. 2 or 3 inches was not going to break my heart. Honestly even though it was that big of a difference it still made me feel soooooo much better. I don’t know if I mentioned it but, I have thick hair and  A LOT of it. So while it didn’t look like a big change, I could definitely feel it.

Tip: Always have pictures of the cut you want so the hairstylists know exactly what you’re looking for

Tip: Start small, cut off a few inches to get used to the idea of shorter hair.

It wasn’t the length I had in mind but I just wanted to get used to it first. If I still loved my hair after a couple weeks at this length, I would know I’m good to go shorter. Now if i regretted it the next day, then obviously I would hate myself and never cut it again. Lol good thing is I ended up still happy with the cut so snaps for me!

A few weeks passed and I still had that itch to cut it. I kept bugging and bugging my sisters to cut it for me but they kept putting it off. So finally my sister cut it. I was still going to go slow and just cut an inch off. My hair had already grew so fast. An inch wasn’t going to hurt me. But since I had been bugging them she cut a couple off lol. I’m glad she did though. It’s exactly what I wanted!

My new hair cut makes me sooooo happy! It feels so good. It’s literally like a weight has been lifted. All that heavy thick hair lol. I think this is as short as I’ll go. So no more cutting… but who knows! I won’t ever dye my hair so cutting it will be the only way to shake things up lol. It’s only been about a week but I don’t think I’ll regret cutting more off. When I saw Desi’s haircut I had a vision of something similar on me and now I see it in the mirror! 

If you’re thinking about cutting your hair I say go for it! It grows back! Take the tips I mentioned and use them. It honestly helped. Taking it step by step make it easier when you’re making a change! You’ll never know until you try.


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  • Gaby
    February 22, 2017

    Every length suits you so well! You’re rocking it 😍

    • Irene
      February 23, 2017

      Thank you!! I love it so much lol!

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