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25 Get To Know Me Questions!

What is your middle name?: Surprisingly I don’t have a middle name!

What was favourite subject at school?: Art lol

What is your favourite drink?: Dr Pepper, can’t live without those delicious little cans


What is your favourite song at the moment?: Famous by Kanye West

What is your favourite food?: Tamales, my aunt makes the best ever and I could eat them for days

What is the last thing you bought: Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

Favourite book of all time?: I love the Ruthless People Series by J. J. McAvoy! Seriously go read it they’re amazing and they came out with the last book to the series this month!

Favourite Colour?: Blue

Do you have any pets?: Yes I have a pitbull puppy named Maddox and he’s 2 months old and hes a huge baby


Favourite Perfume?: Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Favourite Holiday?: That’s a tough one. It’s between Thanksgiving and Christmas because my family is all together and theres good Mexican food everywhere!

Are you married?: No but I might as well be lol

Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Yep pretty much every year since I was born up until a couple years ago. I would visit Mexico every summer with my parents it is my second home!

Do you speak any other language?: I speak Spanish pretty fluently. I mess up on words here and there lol

How many siblings do you have?: 5 siblings, Adan, Laura, Gaby, Adry, and Alex (my twin =])

What is your favorite shop?: Forever 21, I could live there

Favorite restaurant?: Longhorn Steakhouse! The lobster and steak is amazing!

When was the last time you cried?: I’m not sure, can’t really remember which is a good thing in my eyes lol

Favourite Blog?: Sazan.Me shes amazing and so classy and humble, plus shes beautiful and her style is always on point

Favourite Movie?: I don’t know how I can only choose one but… My favorite movie would probably have to be The Lion King lol

Favourite TV show?: Honestly all my shows are on break but my favorite is The Originals! Waiting for that to come back on!!

PC or Mac?: MAC all the way!

What phone do you have?: iPhone 6s

How tall are you?: 5ft 2

Can you cook?: Yes I’m working on my cooking skills more

I had fun answering these questions! I hope to have a Q&A post soon so leave any questions you have for me in the comments!  They can be about anything, like what are my favorite makeup brushes, what’s it like being a twin, how to deal with thick thick hair!

XOXO Irene

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