First Impressions: Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation!


Wet N Wild released a new foundation recently, the Photo Focus Foundation! As always I’ve been dying to get my hands on it. Lol what’s new? I searched and searched for it but they didn’t have it anywhere until I finally saw it at my local Walmart!

Let’s see what the Photo Focus foundation claims:

“Your skin, only better. Our new high-performing, skin-perfecting foundation underwent major road testing under seven different photo lighting conditions to deliver flawless camera-ready makeup every time. Specially made with a matte, light-diffusing complex to give your skin #nofilter perfection.

  • High-performing, breakthrough formula
  • Featuring light-adjusting complex to help prevent white cast in photos
  • Tested under 7 light conditions with and without the use of flash”

They had me at matte! It doesn’t mention the coverage but I assumed it would be a medium to full coverage foundation considering its supposed to “deliver flawless camera-ready makeup.”

I’ve had it in a bag for weeks now and I forgot where I put that bag lol. Found it this morning and decided to try it out!

So let’s talk about the packaging:

  • It’s small and made of glass! So it’s great for traveling but the glass part makes me nervous since it might be easy to break.
  • It doesn’t come with a pump BUT it has a spatula-type applicator which I thought was pretty neat and different!

The Photo Focus foundation is available at any drugstore and it retails for $5.99! I picked up mine in the shade buff bisque. Most of the time I’m buff-something so I figured it would be a good match and it is! So happy when I get it right on the first try lol. I hate wasting money.

To start off, I used my regular moisturizer and primer so I could see how it’d work with my normal routine. I’m very oily so I use a mattifying primer and oil-free moisturizer. The spatula really helped applying the foundation. I didn’t have to pour it out onto my hand. Less germs to deal with in the application process lol. It is a liquid but not slippery. I expected it to feel a little heavy when I applied it to my face but it wasn’t!

To blend it out I used a beauty blender, its what I’ve been using lately. I thought that might take away from the coverage but it didn’t at all. It was sooooooo easy to blend out and felt so smooth and silky on my skin. The foundation has a nice matte finish but it isn’t dull or flat! BIG PLUS! The first layer gave me a good medium coverage I just wanted a little more around my cheeks so I add a bit more to that area. It didn’t cake up or anything so I’d say its very buildable! My freckles still show through a TEENY BIT but my skin tone was evened out and covered anything else right up!

I finished the rest of my makeup around 8:45AM.

When I got back home around 2:00PM my foundation was still FLAWLESS! It had a slight sheen to it where I normally get super oily but it didn’t look greasy or dewy. When I say slight I mean like the tiniest bit ever. I really didn’t have to touch it up but I wanted to test out how it would wear after touching up.

It’s 5:40PM and it still looks amazing. I can’t feel it on my skin and it still has a smooth flawless coverage. The parts I touched up with powder look great, can’t even tell I added powder (in a good way)! It’s been about 10 hours since I first applied it and it is still going strong! Honestly this is out doing some of the high end foundations I have.

I LOVE  this foundation. Wet N Wild really created something amazing with the Photo Focus foundation. I definitely would recommend this to all my girls out there. No matter if you are oily, normal or dry I think this would look amazing on them all. It is not drying at all and it gives you a healthy matte finish! If you are looking for a drug store foundation with great coverage I would try this one out! Amazing quality with an amazing price. Doesn’t get much better than that people!

If you happen to pick it up or already own it please let me know how it worked for you! Comment below and tell me what you think! Other girls with the same skin type can benefit from hearing how it worked for you 🙂


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