Errands and Chill Day = Comfy Wear


Spring Semester starts next week and I had to get some things done on campus. To beat a long waiting line I got up early, threw some clothes on and headed out the door. I was not trying to get all done up, no time for that lol. Even though I wasn’t trying to look nice I still wanted to look half-way decent. Don’t want to scare the staff and students ya know? Lol. This is pretty much my go to for days when I’m not putting on makeup or putting a nice outfit together. My goal is to feel comfy and look decent!

Sneakers. Jacket. Athletic Pants (or leggings my other go to haha). Hat.

That is my little recipe to looking decent but with no thought to it lol. I always see celebs like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner out and about in things like this and they rock it! So they are kind of my inspiration. If they can look decent and nice while wearing this kind of stuff why can’t I? Lol.

The hat is a must-have! Bad hair day? Throw on a hat! Don’t want to do anything with your hair but still look decent, then wear a hat! Lol my favorites are ball caps. They just kind of add some oomph to your look and hide what you don’t want people to see lol.

So that’s pretty much it, nothing to this look. Veryyyy easy. No effort at all and I don’t frighten people when they glance at me lol. Win, Win. What is your favorite go-to outfit when you’re out and about running errands?



Sweater from Forever21, similar found here

Nike High Waist Pants, similar found here

Running Shoes from Reebok

Quay High Key Sunnies

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