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Life With Me + My Boys


Soooo I've been under the weather the past week and a half. FINALLY feeling better! I wanted to share what a typical day is like for me and the boys. I haven't talked about them much so I figured why not give you guys an idea of what our life is like most days! What is going ...

I’m not a “REAL” mom


Being a stepmom comes with so many obstacles. One of them is the criticism and judgment you receive from society, mainly the moms.  I'm pretty young for being a stepmom. I pretty much became one when I was 18 years old. That's reallyyyyyy young. I knew it would be difficult at times but I never imagined ...

The Story of Us: Baby Bomb Dropped


So as I’ve mentioned in The Story of Us: How We Began, I met Blake late December 2010 and started dating him in January 2011. Our relationship started out great and I was happy. A couple weeks in I heard a rumor about him. A girl was pregnant with his child… I brushed it off as ...

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The Story of Us: How We Began


So it’s late December of 2010. I was currently on the “off” part of a 2 year on and off relationship. By that point I could see how bad the whole thing was and I was trying to keep my mind off of it and move forward. One day I log on to my facebook and ...

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25 Get To Know Me Questions Tag!


25 Get To Know Me Questions! What is your middle name?: Surprisingly I don’t have a middle name! What was favourite subject at school?: Art lol What is your favourite drink?: Dr Pepper, can’t live without those delicious little cans What is your favourite song at the moment?: Famous by Kanye West What is your favourite food?: Tamales, my aunt ...

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