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OFF THE SHOULDER TOP TO BEGIN THE SUMMER! Temperatures are rising here in Florida and Summer is just getting started! I'm taking a couple classes this Summer and inside the rooms it's always freezing so I'm trying to balance out the heat outside and the cold inside. Lol it's kind of hard to do honestly. I went ...

Kylie Cosmetics Blushes: Hit or Miss?


Barely Legal Hopeless Romantic Hot and Bothered Virginity X Rated Blushes from left to right: Hopeless Romantic, Hot and Bothered, Virginity, Barely Legal, and X Rated I've had these blushes for a while and I've hardly dipped into them lol. I finally started playing around with them the past few weeks and feel like I ...

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March Beauty Favorites | 2017


March has come and gone! Time goes by so quickly! I got some new products last month and some were hits and others were misses. I love hearing everyone's elses monthly favorites so I thought I'd share what I've been obsessing over! Mia 2 Clarisonic - Ok so this isn't new to me but I stopped using this ...

Bye Bye Winter OOTDs


Saying bye bye to Winter! Here is my last winter OOTD! My shirt and jeans are from American Eagle! These nude suede booties are from Express I got them on sale :)) I don't see them online anymore but similar items are linked below! Similar Top found here Similar Jeans found here Similar Booties found here Now let's get ready ...

Life With Me + My Boys


Soooo I've been under the weather the past week and a half. FINALLY feeling better! I wanted to share what a typical day is like for me and the boys. I haven't talked about them much so I figured why not give you guys an idea of what our life is like most days! What is going ...

Camoflauge Top & Studded Booties


Another day at college. I wake up pretty early for classes and some days I just don't care to do 110% that day lol. This was one of those days. I threw on a camoflauge button-up, some black jeans, booties and called it a day! I love this camo shirt because it is boyfriend style so ...

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