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2020 goals! here we go!

So its a new year people. Everyone is all about the “new year, new me” and I know, I know we are all tired of hearing the same shit on January 1st but lets not be haters. Get yours boo boo! Make 2020 your bitch!
I myself have some goals I want to mark off a list this year. I like reading others New Year’s Resolution/Goals/Aspirations because it helps me really think of what I want to do for myself. So I don’t want to keep talking an talking so I’m going to go ahead and get down to it!

Here are my 2020 Goals!
1. Go to bed early: I have a really bad habit of staying up late. Whether its reading, watch my shows, or just messing around on social media lol. Getting those 7-8 hours of sleep would do me wonders. Especially because I’d like to also wake up earlier, like around 5am to get a work out in a start my day. Valentina wakes up around 6ish so waking up at 4am would probably help me out more. I can get my work out in, get a shower in, start my makeup before Valentina wakes up because when she does I gotta entertain her lol. That makes finishing my makeup and getting dressed a bit longer.
2. Work out 7x a week. As of right now and since I’ve birthed Valentina I only work out about 2-3x a week. Lol thats shitty I know. Most weeks it’d only be 2 days. I lost all of my baby weight really quickly and I want to say it was due to breastfeeding. I stopped BFing around 5months after she was born and my weight just kind of stayed the same. I weighed the same as I did pre-baby but I have a very pudgy tummy lol. I really want to make it a point to work out every day, whether its at the gym or at home. I want my flat tummy back!
3. Eat Vegan. Say what???? Lol don’t worry I don’t think I could fully commit to eating vegan. So what I mean by eating vegan is incorporating it into my diet now. Along with eating healthier in general, I want to eat more vegan meals. Even if its just 2 days a week. I know that could really help my goal of living a healthy lifestyle and getting my body to how I’d like it.
4. Travel. This is a big one! Growing up I visited Mexico every summer, for the entire summer. I haven’t been back in years and it really hurts my heart because those are my roots. Now that I have Valentina I want to take her so that she has the same childhood that I did and experiences her culture. I also want to go to New York, Paris, Las Vegas, etc. I want to give Valentina experiences and also myself because we are only young once so why not? I want to spend my money on experiences instead of material things this year.
5. Mom and V Dates. Ahhhh my little gordita. I want to really prioritize having quality time with Valentina. More so with going to the park and being outdoors in general. I get so busy with things and then with just taking care of her in general I forget to make sure the time I do spend with her is REAL QUALITY time. I want something that we do weekly and its “OUR” thing

What are some goals you are pushing to achieve this year?


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