5 Favorite Places To Shop!


I always get questions on where I got my clothing from so I thought I’d go ahead and share my favorite places to shop!

I’m not one of those girls that has Gucci bags, red bottoms, or $100 joggers! I wish I had the money to buy those things if I wanted lol. Still, I don’t think I’d spend $200 on a shirt.. Just me?

Now I do occasionally splurge on some things but they’re usually items that are staples and I can wear them in a variety of outfits and seasons!

These places I shop at are mostly affordable or not a far reach the average girl! I define affordable as a top for less than $50. I see a lot of bloggers and influencers talk about their affordable clothing and my eyes bug out when they say $100 for a pair of flats or a cute top. Lol that is not affordable in my book. Some of these also have student discounts that you can sign up for!


This is by far my absolute favorite place to shop at! The clothing is great quality and they offer so many trendy and stylish pieces. I’m pretty sure F21 makes  up half of my wardrobe lol. Their prices are unbeatable! It’s a great place to shop for all budgets! I usually never spend over $30 on a single item there! That is saying A LOT! F21 keeps up with all the latest trends and styles so if you’re looking for pieces that are hot in the fashion world you can be sure to find them there!


I just discovered this website in November! It always has sales going on and that’s why I love it. There are few times when there are no sales but if you wait a couple days they will have a sale up. I have never paid full price for a single piece I’ve boughten from there! The quality of the clothing is great! I’ve bought a few dresses and have gotten so many compliments when I’ve worn them. I absolutely love this website. The shipping does suck a little because it takes a couple weeks for it to come in. BUT who cares when you get such good deals? Definitely recommend this website if you’re looking for an affordable yet stylish place to shop!

3. H&M

There’s an H&M right next to F21 in the mall I go to so I always shop there too. They have great basic and staple pieces here. Lately I’ve gotten more into just basic tops that I can dress up or down with different pieces so this place is perfect for me. They are pretty good on their prices as well. Maybe a little pricier than F21 but it’s not bad at all. They always have great clearance items! I’ve found great dresses for special events and nice tops for every day looks! Love this store!


I’m obsessed with shoes and all the new styles they come out with. I’m NOT obsessed with the prices I see for them lol. This site is great for snagging those same style shoes for a better price! I’ve gotten a lot of boots, flats, and heels from here! They are great quality and look amazing. Those yeezy boots Kim K and Kylie Jenner wore this past season were so cute but the price was crazy. I bought a pair that were identical to the Yeezy ones and have gotten so many compliments on them! This site is very budget friendly! If you’re looking for nice shoes check them out!


This one can be on the pricier side but still not over $100. They usually have sales every now and then. Their styles are always on point! A lot of beauty influencers like Amrezy, Iluvsarahii, Desi Perkins, etc rock their shoes! Now they even offer clothing and you know they have the hot new styles there! I find a lot of staples from here and I love the quality of them. So stylish and chic!


So that’s it! My favorite places to shop! I hope this help anyone who’s looking for cute clothes for a good price! And if any wonders wear I get my outfits from here ya go lol. I’m always looking for new places to shop so leave a comment below for your favorite places!!

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